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On Mon, 2010-05-31 at 22:51 +0000, g wrote:
> Máirín Duffy wrote:
> > On Sat, 2010-05-29 at 16:32 +0000, g wrote:
> >> where was posting of new design for list members to view new design?
> > 
> > On the lists (note the 's' there) where people make posts about websites
> > and design in Fedora. If you're not interested in websites and design in
> > the Fedora project, then you likely weren't subscribed to those lists. 
> that is correct. but if i where a member of website design, i would insure
> that all of *community* was notified of intent to make change and not just
> dump changes on them and take offense of there opinions.

When would you have time to do actual website design?
> after all, when you design a web page, you are expressing opinion of how
> something should look. therefore, to be mature, you should not take offense
> to someone else's opinion.

You are not in any position to give personal advice without it coming
across in a manner that you I am sure you would not want to purposefully
aim for. Personal commentary like this doesn't have any place in this
discussion so let's try to avoid it, okay?

If you disagree with a design for something implemented in Fedora, here
are some examples of inappropriate reactions (all witnessed in this
thread unfortunately):

1 - Rant that nobody asked for YOUR opinion, especially when feedback
was actually solicited over a period of several months across several
forums that are heavily frequented by Fedora users and contributors

2 - Spread conspiracy theories about how the design took place in
secret, when the design actually took place in an open and transparent
manner, with frequent updates to the design posted over a period of

3 - Attack the designers personally, as their { intellect | design
qualifications | personal taste | people skills | value as a human
being } are obviously not good enough for Fedora.

4 - Belittle the designer, making remarks and suppositions about their
personal traits, and give them some motherly/fatherly advice on how they
must behave according to your preferences and values, and tell them
everything they say is 'BS' when they attempt to provide the reasoning
behind the design decisions that took place.

If you pay attention to the emails I've written on this thread, I've not
taken offense at anyone's opinion of the website. Where I have taken
offense is where I've been personally insulted, my skills as a designer
and commitment to Fedora and its community have been questioned, and
where I was told that I am full of 'BS'. 

I would *LOVE* to hear more actual feedback on the website and its
design - we've been asking for it for months. This thread shows clearly
that this list is apparently not a great place to get it - it makes it
clear that asking for feedback on this particular list in the first
place would have been a bad idea.

> > If you are interested in websites and design in Fedora and you are not
> > subscribed to those lists, then I suggest that you subscribe to them
> > now, unless you plan to continue on those lists in the manner you have
> > carried on in this list. People actually attempt to get work done in
> > those lists, and we really don't need them cluttered up with
> > ridiculously unproductive threads like this.
> that is a biased statement and shows a lacking of others opinion.

How is it biased?


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