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Jud Craft wrote:
> I'm sorry if I'm late to the party or this has been previously

true to form.

38 complaints about no link to torrents, of which only 1 poster, #26,
provides a hot link in his post.

for me, it is easy to find because i have both
in my browser bookmarks.

i guess i have a different concept of what bookmarks are for.

yes, i agree that writer of page should have included such information,
as well as op of this thread, but some people do not always think things
thru as thoroughly as they should.

why did i wait until now to post? i wanted to see how long this thread
would get. :^D

so who is 'calling kettle black'?

not me, i just find it interesting how some poster think. myself included.

have i pulled iso or upgraded my installation? hell no. i am waiting until
noise level of problems and new bugs drops.


peace out.



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