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On 05/28/2010 04:53 AM, Ed Greshko wrote:
> So, you are suggesting that existing users that are aware of
> bookmark those pages, yes? 
> What about newcomers to Linux and Fedora?  How would they determine they
> should bookmark these pages? 
>  - click on all download methods

> Another "curious" thing I find about the Get Fedora page is the
> existence of the "Activities" tab.  That tab is the only place where I
> could find the word "activities" or "activity".  Everything under that
> area uses the terminology "Spin".  Is there a difference between an
> "Activity" and a "Spin"?  If so, what is the difference?  If not, why
> not just have a "Spin" tab?  Seems to me it would be more consistent.

"Spin" isn't a word that means much to new users.  The idea is to lead
them into it and provide them a good introduction for them to explore
more if they are inclined to do so.


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