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Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> Far be it from me to prolong this already over-extended thread,

i agree, not just because it has caused a 'burp' from list server, but
because it has gone from ridiculous to sublime.

> but if you read it from the beginning that isn't at all what happened. The
>  page was designed months ago and (presumably) refined over a certain
> period of time.

i have been reading from first post, when i had a look at
and did note a lot of change from what i recall from when i looked at page
for fedora 12.

i did not look at page source to see when it was written, which now shows
  "<!-- build time: Thu, 27 May 2010 22:01:40 +0000 -->"
at bottom of page.

> Someone took a conscious decision to remove the torrent link for what 
> seemed to them good reasons,

which is why i stated that users should bookmark pages and
are two pages they should have bookmarked, if they can not recall what
pages they are.

> I only wish it hadn't been at the cost of a good deal of steam, but let's
> leave it at that.

i agree with this also, but as you know how others are,
  "it ain't gonna happen".

my only reason of replying to your reply of my post is because of my respect
for you and to clear up misunderstanding.



peace out.



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