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Chris Adams wrote:
> Once upon a time, g <[email protected]> said:
>> i still contend that all the *BS* bitching about no links is fault of
>> those who would rather have something to bitch about than make a simple
>> bookmark in their browser so they would know where to look for what they
>> want and not have to use google.

> The questions about finding the torrents (and also install CD ISOs) were 
> from people wanting to download Fedora and not finding what they needed on
> the Fedora site.

i understand very well what all of complaining was about and from what
i see, it is mostly from users who post to this list regularly.

it was *not* from new users wanting to download an iso.

> How do they get a bookmark?

that depends on their browser. with firefox, you right click on a
*hot link* and select 'bookmark this link'. which is what i did a
few versions back when torrent page _was_ a hot link.

> Why should they need to use Google?

because they do not know how to make bookmarks.

> If people are asking these questions here, it shows that there is a need 
> for more/better information on the Fedora site.

it is not 'the Fedora site', it is a new page written too hastily and
probably by a developer who's ass was worn out helping to get fedora 13
out. from looks of post and problems, they should have waited a little
longer. but that is what fedora is all about. new development and a whole
hell of a lot of testing, then releasing form more extensive testing.

i did not *jump into fire* like a lot of posters did in logging onto, but i did just now have a look at
page and not in bottom right of page, "Other ways to get Fedora", which
may be 'patch' that was mentioned in thread.

it links to, which looks very
much like page that was available for fedora 12, except that now it is
all related to fedora 13.

all in all, i still content that if posters had
in their bookmarks, posters would have known where to get torrents, unless
they where new users.

in summation, author of new ''
should have edited 'get-fedora' for fedora 12 and insured that
'' was edited for fedora 13.

all of which could have been done with with a global 'replace all' edit
of '12' to '13'.


peace out.



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