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David Boles wrote:

> He asked for ideas, suggestions and much more.

if a wheel [1] is round and it rolls, then it is doing what it is
supposed to.

only way to improve it is to add bearings [2,3,4], which are nothing
but more wheels.

there was nothing wrong with 'get fedora 12 [1] page' as it rolled very
well and had very good bearings [2,3,4].

instead of remove and replace of '13' for '12', 'wheel' [5], main page,
was completely redesigned, while bearings [2,3,4], were added to.

[1]        <{ fedora 12 version
[2] <{ r&r 12 to 13
[3]          <{ 13 added
[4]    <{ 13 added
[5]        <{ fedora 13 version

if a wheel has good tread, keep tread design, if additions will improve,
then *add* additions.

do not try to improve tread by redesign, unless you first offer drivers
a chance to test drive new design, while keeping old design.

once new tread is run thru rain, gravel, sand, snow, oil and it 'holds
the road', then it can and should sold.

> I watched what he worked on over many months. Changes. Edits. Tweaks. And
> you? Where where you? Not here to help with the work that's for sure.
> But you are here at time to bitch.

*YOU* where able to watch. who else was able?

where was posting of new design for list members to view new design?

most members of this list are doing enough in testing and using releases
of fedora and reporting what they find.

why can they not be offered same with page designs?

there is a great difference between testing a distribution and testing
a web page design. many who are capable of testing distribution are not
web page designers, and it should remain as such.


peace out.



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