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On 03/21/2011 04:23 PM, suvayu ali wrote:
> Whereas in
> a proper root shell aren't you prone to "grave mistakes" due to silly
> things like typos, "forgot where I am in the directory tree" like
> errors?

First, I only use su - if and *only* if I have to, to avoid those 
embarrassing "where was I?" moments.  (I also use pwd if I'm not 
completely sure.)  Second, before I do anything as root, I read over the 
command several times to be sure.  And, before deleting *anything* as 
root, I use ls to see exactly what I'm going to delete and I never 
delete anything *as root* without good reason.  IOW, I'm very careful. 
I won't say that I can't make mistakes, but I can say that after using 
Linux as a secondary OS starting in about '98 and as my only OS since 
Fedora 9 I've learned how to avoid almost all of them.  I tend to regard 
such things as simple, common prudence and expect the same from most of 
the people on this list.

As I've been writing this, something interesting has occurred to me: by 
the time I stopped doing tech support for an ISP (Our call center was 
closed and the entire support crew was laid off.) I had been "on the 
phones" longer than anybody else there.  I found myself, more and more, 
finding things obvious that nobody else understood or knew, simply 
because none of the other techs had anywhere near my experience. 
Considering how long I've been using Linux, this may well be simply 
another case of my not realizing how different my experience level is 
compared to the rest of the list.
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