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On 3/21/11, Ralf Corsepius <[email protected]> wrote:
> On 03/21/2011 11:34 AM, Andrew Haley wrote:
>> On 19/03/11 05:21, Joe Zeff wrote:
>>> On 03/18/2011 10:15 PM, Chris Kloiber wrote:
>>>> I may have to skip F15, which saddens me.
>>> Why?  If Gnome 3 is in F 15, it's going to be in 16 as well.  Just move
>>> to a different desktop, like XFCE.
> ... or a different distro, which is equipped with DEs which better match
> an individual's demands.
This is certainly an option.  With Linux we have that ability.
Windows users don't.

>> I can see the logic in that, but it's a shame.  If everyone who wants
>> a bit of user interface stability jumps ship there will be no brakes
>> on the Gnome developers at all: they'll just carry on deleting user-
>> configurability and adding kewl new features.
> Isn't this what the people who are promoting Gnome 3 in Fedora intend?

I don't think that is the intent.  I don't think this is the intent of
the Gnome3 developers either.  However, as Linux moves from a niche to
prominenance we are going to pick up the ID10Ts that will click on a
button just to see what happens and then cry when their Gnome
installation is broken and cannot follow obviously simple
instructions.  Then they go out and trash Linux.  Never mind they
brought this upon themselves, Linux sucks and that is their mantra.
Yes, those of us that know better will have to suffer.

>>  The trouble is, anyone
>> who installs Fedora or uses the live DVD gets whatever is the default,
>> but an experienced Fedora user like me will have no idea how to use
>> the thing... ;-)
> Isn't it obious? People like you (and me) will have to go through a
> learning curve, which either ends up in total satisfaction, an
> arrangement with or in a divorce from Gnome3 and/or Fedora.
> I for one will likely stay with F14 on my "productive systems", will
> start to experiment with other DE's on F15 and with other distributions
> on experimental installations. Momentarily, I have no idea were this
> will lead me to or, on a wider scope, which impact Gnome 3 in F15 will
> have on Fedora in general.

Hopefully, Gnome3 will bring more folks into the light and see Windows
for the brokenness it is.

James McKenzie
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