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On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 4:22 PM, David Boles <[email protected]> wrote:
> On 5/28/2010 4:32 PM, Bill Crawford wrote:
>> On 28 May 2010 18:40, Patrick O'Callaghan <[email protected]> wrote:
>>> On Fri, 2010-05-28 at 17:48 +0100, Bill Crawford wrote:
>>> Well, we aren't talking about desktop vs netbook vs server but I guess
>>> it's immaterial.
>> Uh, good point. Sorry. More like Ubuntu vs Kubuntu etc. Mm. Please
>> excuse my momentary burst of idiocy ...
> None of you was here when this was talked about? Since October? And now
> you want to bitch becasue the site does NOT fit YOUR needs. REALLY!
> All of you (three? four? of you are unhappy and have attacked and
> insulted the person that tried really hard to provide this site.
> All of you have spent more effort and time bitching about this than you
> did to help this person with this.
> Where were you four people the *MONTHS* that this was debated? And *NOW*
> you want to bitch?
> You are joking? The Earth obits the Sun. Linux orbits and survives on
> the work of the many. not you few. Those that bitch.

Let's see here.  There are a *lot* of different communities around
each component that can affect you.

A short list of what a browser depends upon: w3c, gecko/webkit,
qt/gtk, xlib/xcb, xorg, gcc, glibc, linux kernel.  Are you subscribed
to all of those lists and monitor them?

One of them broke your browser.

You say "We put out notices *months ago* and now you're complaining?"

Well so can any of the communities mentioned above.  At least by what
you are stating here.

So please count to 10, or maybe 20 and realize that there are many
circles of people outside and within fedora that don't watch all other
parts of the whole.  It just wouldn't scale that way.

My recommendation is after the designer SIG has hashed it over,
attempt getting feedback from the intended audience, and that audience
is the users list and then the general public.

=== Off topic:

My personal view is that torrents should be the first option
presented, and direct downloads from http or ftp should be moved to a
secondary page.

=== Off topic2:

IMO, introducing another operating system at the same time as
introducing open source applications is a mistake.  People are already
changing habits enough by using a new app, adding another set of
possible complications leads to the high probability that the app will
get a negative association if something goes wrong.

For this reason I've been watching for a OSS distro based on MS
Windows that includes package management, updates, etc.  Its sole
purpose would be to build a critical mass of OSS app usage and
findability (if a user knows about firefox, how are they going to know
about inkscape, gimp and OOo?) so that people will easily be able to
install the apps and then realize that every app they use is OSS, why
keep around Windows?

Let's face it, right now keeping even OSS 10 apps, working together,
updated and integrated is a major task in of itself right now on

Disclaimer: I have no love for windows, but making life easier for
people just starting with the apps can only grow the pool of OSS users
and developers.

=== Off topic3:

torrent download should be integrated into the update system (yum)
with a fallback for when torrents fail -- if torrents are blocked by
corporate firewalls for instance.
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