Re: how to jigdo download a fedora 8 re-spin in one easy step?

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Jacques B. wrote:
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>>> Would you prefer instructions like this?
>>> How to fuel your car.
>>> 1) Drive to the fueling station
>>> 2) Pull up to the fuel pump.
>>> 3) Place the transmission in Park
>>> 4) Turn off the engine.
>>> 5) Remove the key
>>> 6) Unbuckle your seatbelt
>>> 7) ...
>>> Shall I go on? Or.
>>> 1) Drive to the fueling station
>>> 2) Fuel your car
>>> 3) Pay for the fuel
>>> 4) Leave
>>> You already know the other parts.  ;-)
>>> It, Linux, is not always easy. But I think that sometimes users actually
>>> make it harder for themselves.
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>>>   David
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>>     It is somewhat more difficult if the subject is unknown and steps to
>> get it are unknown and you do not know what it does. This is typical of
>> Fedora when you first see it.
>> Karl
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>>         Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
> How about prefixing the tutorial with a note stating that the tutorial
> assumes that the end user already knows basic command line usage (i.e.
> pressing ENTER when told to enter a command, that # means root and $
> means regular user, etc) or whatever other pre-required knowledge the
> author assumes/requires in order to properly use the tutorial?
> I've written a few guides and in them included a Foreword in which it
> states the target audience of the guide (hence the pre-required
> knowledge that is required to properly benefit from the guide).

As long as there are two, or perhaps three versions of the instructions.

Newbie instructions for, well Newbies. Expert instructions for those
that consider themselves experts or knowledgeable. And then instructions
for those that really are experts.  ;-)

Seriously. I don't consider myself any kind of an expert. Just
experienced the hard way.I have not written anything since GWBasic and
the scripting language that was in OS/2 Warp. REX.

But I know that I would be somewhat insulted by instructions like the
first set that I gave as an example to Karl. The second set would be ok.
'Go fuel the car' might not be acceptable for me.

- --


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