Re: how to jigdo download a fedora 8 re-spin in one easy step?

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Karl Larsen wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>>> David Boles wrote:
>>>>> It's all part of the dumbing down that Linux is going through.
>>>>> The Infinite monkey theorem.  ;-)
>>>>    I disagree. If you drive the documentation train Fedora will go down
>>>> in flames. What you use as an example of poor instruction is the best I
>>>> have seen in a long time. He tells you what it is. He tells you how to
>>>> get it. He tells you where it is on your computer. Then he goes to the
>>>> next subject on the same page which is Java.
>>>>    You power users are a small group. You just want the basics man!
>>>> There are a lot more people who are new users who will like the way
>>>> Finley did it. He went to Umbuto because you guys drove him there. But
>>>> if you have your way there will be no more new users.
> I would not consider myself to be a power user but thanks for the
> completment. I learned Linux the hard way. Myself with no schooling. I
> bought and read books about it *before* i ever installed it the first
> time. In other words? I knew a little about it before I started.
> And yes the Docs can be a little sparse but it is assumed that you
> already know something about what you are doing. Or you *should* know
> something.
> Would you prefer instructions like this?
> How to fuel your car.
> 1) Drive to the fueling station
> 2) Pull up to the fuel pump.
> 3) Place the transmission in Park
> 4) Turn off the engine.
> 5) Remove the key
> 6) Unbuckle your seatbelt
> 7) ...
> Shall I go on? Or.
> 1) Drive to the fueling station
> 2) Fuel your car
> 3) Pay for the fuel
> 4) Leave
> You already know the other parts.  ;-)
> It, Linux, is not always easy. But I think that sometimes users actually
> make it harder for themselves.

>    It is somewhat more difficult if the subject is unknown and steps to
> get it are unknown and you do not know what it does. This is typical of
> Fedora when you first see it.

What, please give me an example subject, do you think is, or was,
difficult? Perhaps I can give you some 'instruction searching tips'.
That, along with some books, was how i learned what I know.

Be glad to try to help.

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