Re: F8 update kills KDE

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On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 6:18 PM, Rahul Sundaram
<[email protected]> wrote:
> max bianco wrote:
> > I wasn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings. Hopefully they've got
> > thicker skin than that, I made an observation based on my experience.
> > I felt then and now that the default KDE desktop looked and felt like
> > a GNOME knock-off. It has also been my experience that most do assume
> > that you have GNOME installed. I'll happily try KDE again when F9 hits
> > final release, I hope to be proven wrong, I don't expect it will all
> > work flawlessly, it is as many have said a major revision, but  KDE
> > needs its own personality, I didn't feel that KDE distinguished itself
> > from GNOME very well when i first tried it on Fedora 7. If i'm in the
> > minority with that opinion, so be it. I appreciate all the hard work
> > that goes into Fedora, hopefully nobody takes my comments to
> > personally. No one is obliged to prove anything to anyone. I still
> > think Fedora blows the doors off all the other Linux distributions,
> > I've tried most of them.
> >
>  You observation seems incorrect to me. Atleast from Fedora Core 5 onwards
> and even more from Fedora 7 onwards, KDE look and feel is pretty much the
> same as upstream in Fedora.  So I have no idea what you mean by a
> "knock-off".
The term "knock-off" is fairly self explanatory. As for the rest ,
well I have booted up many different distributions, I never used
GNOME, always KDE. I have seen a few different implementations of KDE.
Now under the hood,KDE is KDE but from one distro to the next, it
seemed like they gave it its own feel. The  default KDE implementation
that I used on F7 left alot to be desired, it looked to me like GNOME
with a KDE twist, it looked to me like GNOME with KDE spray-paint,
maybe that explains what I mean by knockoff. I stopped distro hopping,
none of the others interest me anymore, Fedora is where I want to be,
but I couldn't use KDE on Fedora, it just didn't work for me. It
didn't feel right, I switched over to GNOME, it fit better and until I
started using Fedora I never even considered GNOME an option. I had
tried it in one or two other distros but much preferred KDE, hands
down. Well I finally found my distribution of choice, but I had to
give up KDE to use it, I don't regret it in the slightest. Now I use
>  Fedora 7 KDE
>  Fedora 7 GNOME
>  Other than the wallpaper, everything else is different. Just for
> comparison, Fedora 9 beta screenshots
>  Rahul
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