Re: F8 update kills KDE

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max bianco wrote:

The term "knock-off" is fairly self explanatory.
It would be if it was logical. I just demonstrated with clear
screenshots on how different they look by default.
As for the rest ,
well I have booted up many different distributions, I never used
GNOME, always KDE. I have seen a few different implementations of KDE.
Now under the hood,KDE is KDE but from one distro to the next, it
seemed like they gave it its own feel. The  default KDE implementation
that I used on F7 left alot to be desired, it looked to me like GNOME
with a KDE twist, it looked to me like GNOME with KDE spray-paint,
maybe that explains what I mean by knockoff.
Not specific enough I am afraid. The themes, icons, panel layout,
default applications, pretty much everything is different. The only
thing that is the same is the default wallpaper. You really need to get
down to the details if you want anything changed.

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