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Res wrote:
> I recall, hrmmmmmm RH4 i think it was, maybe earlier, an automatic
> update rendored my desktop useless, they corrected it within hours, but
> thats too late for the poor suckers like me that were affected, since
> then, a valuable lesson learnt was never trust a vendors "update"
> verbatim, and since then, I've never used a RH kernel, once bitten ok,
> twice bitten your a damned fool.

Did you just say Red Hat 4?  Not RHEL4, but RH4?  If you meant to say
RH4 then I think you should try using vendor kernels again.  Really, I'm
going to guess that Red Hat's testing and QA has probably improved a
little bit since then.

If you meant to say RHEL4, then thats a bug and I hope you filed it.  If
you did file it I would expect it not to happen again.  I've not been
using Red Hat for long, but I don't think that this is going to be a
regular occurrence.  I used Debian Unstable and Ubuntu Dev branch for
many years.  I've never had them rendered unbootable by a vendor kernel
upgrade and I'm sure those get far less testing than the kernel upgrades
that go into RHEL.

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