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On Wed, 3 Oct 2007, Ed Greshko wrote:

statement as often as you like, i really dont care becasue my network
runs smoothly i have a lot of time to repeat teh same stuff as well
OK...  Send me the data directly.
hahahah and have you forward it to the list :) sure :P

so you expect us to support every facet of your pc?
Not *every* aspect.  However, it is rather funny that even here in Taiwan
when a user has problems with their connectivity and they contact the ISP
the ISP will work with them to determine the problem even if the problem was
caused by an update from Microsoft and even to 3rd party firewalls.  SeedNet
is one of the best at it.  Their techies keep up to date on things and ask
detailed and pertinent questions.  They have no obligation to do that.  They
are just service oriented.

thats them, and its because of their actions the lieks of m$ get richer, not having to supply support, why should they when many of the isp's around will do it for them, Bill Gates must be pissing himself he's laughing that hard. If our guys determine its not our network or carriers network, thats it, they might make suggestions to the customers but they are not going to sit there for an hour talking them through actions, they are paid by the company to do internet service technical support, not be someone private it tutor.'re in it only for the money and don't think twice about customer
or brand loyalty.
what the hell do you think isps are in business for? isps' are not
charities, I learnt by personal experience many years ago loyalty means
nothing to customers, they are all supportive of you, sure, until you make
a move that they dislike, like even a pissy 5 dollar service access
increase, the first one on 2.5 years, enforced because the carrier
charged ane xtra 5 bux to access the dslam port, they are among the
first to turn on you.

FWIW, in the stores of Minneapolis/St. Paul it is often the manager that
would direct me to another store...even if it was a competitor.  I made it a
point to shop in that helpful store and suggest others go there as well.
good on em, now, get back to on this topic and show me a single ISP that
does it, and that condones their staff doing it.

Wally is waiting for you.
who or what is wally?



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