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>>>> Nup, I'm calling your bluff.  If you want to argue that ISP costs are
>>>> really prohibitive, *you* provide some numbers.

>>> and, do you really think i am going to tell you?

>> No, not really, it's not your style to back up your rants with facts.  I
>> expected you to continue blustering, and you have.

> i aint going to face a law suite to prove shit to some wanka on  a mailing 
> list, i know it fact anyone who runs an isp/osp/asp would know what im 
> talknig about, i never expect L-users like you to understand

The "wanka" is you.  I really hope that the next person to employ you
does a google search on you.  They'll see that all you can do is rant
and rave at everyone, giving them the "I know far more than you all do,"
speech, but having absolutely nothing to back it up, while being a total
asshole in the process.

I gave you a way to prove your point, without releasing confidential
information, but you can't manage that, so I don't believe you know
anything about what you claim.

Any other person who worked for an ISP would quite easily have said we
use gear like Cisco whatevers, that handle x-number of concurrent
connections of 1 twiddly-bytes per connection, and whatnot, worth in the
range of x-thousand dollars.  Giving generically verifiable information
without disclosing anything confidential.  It's not as if the type of
equipment used by ISPs, nor its list cost, is a trade secret.  But,
nooooo, you think you win an argument without actually substantiating
yourself, in any way, what so ever.  Stupidly trying to asert that it
"costs more than you think it does" just doesn't wash.  If you weren't
prepared to validate your claim, you should never have tried to make one
in the first place.

Sorry, but that sort of behaviour places you firmly in the "clueless
ranter pretending to be something" box.  I don't believe you work where
you claim, I don't believe you really know the costs involved.  And I
can't think of any reason why anyone else on here would believe you,
either.  I certainly can't believe that anyone with any self-worth in a
position of responsibility working in an ISP would come onto a public
mailing list and troll like you do.  And your inability to spell, or at
least type, very well doesn't really sound like someone who would work
in that sort of position, either.  If you do work in an ISP, which I
seriously doubt, I couldn't imagine you in any position other than one
of the trained monkeys reading the clueless support scripts on the

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 important to the thread.)

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