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Res wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Oct 2007, Ed Greshko wrote:
>> Actually this is a case of "fool me twice, shame on me".  He has
>> posted to
>> this list before and we should have recognized that and ignored him
>> from the
>> very start.  :-(
> Ed yes you of all people on this list know i've been on it for years and
> when i post i always speak my mind, wtf should i "walk on cotton wool"
> if somethings there to be said, say it and say it by not beating about
> the bush. I've called ppl trolls before and I've been called a troll
> before,
> doesnt bother me, i never take anything no public forums/lists
> personally, arguing sometimes helps pass time :)

But, if you want to be taken seriously you really should not "rant".  You
should present your views in a clear, concise manner and backed up with
verifiable facts.  Also, IMHO, posting with careless typos and use of SMS
style abbreviations will also lead some to dismiss your posts as sloppy and
ill conceived.  It is not a stretch to come to a conclusion that sloppy
posts=sloppy workmanship.  The attitude of "I speak my mind and don't care
what people think about me" is exactly why your rants can be dismissed out
of hand by some.

FWIW, I've signed many an NDA in my life time and it is not so hard to
present facts about a situation without violating the spirit of the NDA.

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