Re: Having an Evolution and Mail notification Problem?

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Aaron Konstam wrote:
On Thu, 2007-05-24 at 13:18 -0600, Robin Laing wrote:
es Mikesell wrote:
Robin Laing wrote:

What I found was slowing the system down in regards to using
was it took forever to scan the messages and process them.  I am
the only person having these issues here.  Even one of our IT
has the same issues.
How's the speed if you use browser access to owa?
That depends on the load on the server.

If I don't run filters, even evolution is fast.  I can copy (move
really doesn't move) messages to my local mailbox, expunge the server inbox in ~2 minutes on 270 messages.

I would add to that to , if you don't run spam detection evolution is

However, I have this philosophy. Normally when I run evolution I also
have some mail to send. While the mail is downloading I compose my new
messages. By the time I am finished the old mail is usually downloaded.
I like evolution and I like that it has built in junk filtering so
waiting a few minutes is not a big deal. I run evolution when I first
log on and you can perform other tasks while new mail is loading. From
them on new mail is brought down every 5 minutes with out my noticing
any lag time.

Thunderbird junk filters are so much faster than Evolutions and seem to work better IMHO. Again, I believe that this is an issue with Outlook Web Access which is the only way to get mail.

I have tried all the settings in Evolution to get it to check my mail every 30 minutes. No luck. I think those features only work with imap or pop access.

I wish I could compose my mail while Evolution is downloading mail but it is so hard to know what I am responding to when I have not read the mail yet. :)

I guess I was spoiled by Thunderbird and I find that Thunderbird 2.0 is so much faster than the older versions.

I will do what I can to stick with TB as it works for me.

Due to the move to M$ Exchange Server,
   anything that is a priority, please phone.
Robin Laing

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