Re: Having an Evolution and Mail notification Problem?

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Robin Laing wrote:

I take my mail from the Inbox and move it to and Export folder. I then select all the mail in the Export server. I then right click and use "save as" and put the messages in

Why not fire up an imap server (on your own box if you don't need access from multiple places or don't have anything else available).

I would still need to use the OWA part of evolution. There is hope though for Openchange.

You have to use it once - to move the message to your imap folder which you should be able to do in a rule. Subsequent manipulation should be via imap. If you need to keep the message on the exchange server too, move it to a different folder and out of the inbox in a rule.

If you have an imap server available (and running fedora you obviously could...), you can have an evolution rule copy your exchange mail over to folders there and subsequently access it with TB or any other imap-aware mailer - even while evolution is still running.

It is just as easy to just save the mail.

But then you've saved it in some client-specific format. If you move it to an imap folder you can jump among different clients or run them at the same time. You should be able to run evolution minimized or even on a different machine, letting it move the mail while you use TB or something else to access it on the imap server.

In a simple example, I ran a rule to move all the mail from my inbox to my local "Export" folder and it took ages. Again, it was OWA and possibly spamassasin taking the time. I have timed it at over 2 hours on a Monday Morning. When Evolution quit running filters automatically (some update) I tried the drag and drop to the Export folder. It was much faster, a minute or two in comparison to 30 or 40 minutes. At that time I found it was just easier for me to just move the mail.

I don't understand why the filters would take longer that a drag-n-drop move. Something else must be going on. But you can drop to an imap folder if it works better than a rule.

My biggest complaint about Evolution is I cannot automatically control the times it checks my mail. I don't want instant notification and I want my mail sorted when I get my mail. Both of these took to long in Evo. TB can sort 500+ messages in a few seconds into multiple mail boxes. I cannot even get the mail from the server in under a few minutes. TB used to get the same amount of mail before the change to Exchange in less than a minute. And that was TB 1.x which is slower than 2.x.

Something is wrong here. I switched to TB because I alternate between linux, windows and mac platforms and it works about the same everywhere (and with imap sees the same email). The thing I missed about Evolution was that it would jump instantly between a threaded or unthreaded view where TB not only didn't have a hotkey for the switch but takes longer to do it.

I am watching Openchange and the progress of their MAPI lib to see if it can be used regularly. I have also submitted the info the the TB site to see if they could start using it.

If IT would only give IMAP or POP access to the Exchange Server, all would be good.

Yes, exchange is a surprisingly good IMAP server (2000 or later anyway), but you can't get the calendar that way and if there are a lot of public folders on the server you need a client that can be configure to only show subscribed folders (apple mail can't...). I think everything should work through imaps too if your admin is concerned about security. You might be able to set up a server-side rule to forward or copy to another server that would be easier to use. I use gmail for most mail list traffic but pick it up with fetchmail so I can access it with imap. This would also let me sort with procmail if I wanted.

  Les Mikesell

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