Re: Having an Evolution and Mail notification Problem?

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Ric Moore wrote:

> Thanks Ed, it's Evolutions fault. <g> It puts that stupid --
> automatically where my dot-sig used to be before it blew up and if I
> insert above it then I get that damn Preformat of text option so I was
> trying below it. If Evolution jerks me off any more I'm switching to
> Thunderbird. I might just go ahead and do that anyway. Thanks for the
> heads up. I do appreciate it. 


>I wonder if I should yum install it or just grab it straight from mozilla as I do Firefox? 
> What say ye? Ric

IMHO, if you do it for Firefox you should do it for T-bird.  That's what I
do and it works just fine especially now with Mozilla's auto-update feature.

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