Re: Where are all the updates gone?

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Tim wrote:
> Aaron Konstam:
>>> Personally I get tired of people saying that Fedora is not a RedHat
>>> product. Repeat to self the motto: If it walks as a duck .....
> ... and squawks like a penguin...
> Rahul Sundaram:
>> 1) It not a product at all from Red Hat or otherwise. It is available
>> as ISO images for download and never sold. 
> Though, it's quite clearly sponsored by it.  Fedora wouldn't be around
> if Red Hat wasn't it's basis (in source, hosting, and all).  Fedora
> certainly isn't a Debian or Mandrake product.  And it's configured and
> structured like Red Hat Linux.
I guess it depends on your definition of "product". By one
definition, Fedora would not be considered a product at all. It is
not something that Rad Hat bundles with a support contract and
sells. By another definition, it is a hybrid product, with
contributions from Red Hat and independent developers.

As far as configuration and structure, The difference between
Mandriva and Fedora is about the same as the difference between
different releases of ether line. Compared that to the differences
between Debian/Unbuntu, Slackware and Fedora. (I do not know from
personal experience, but I have heard that the difference between
Debian and Unbuntu are about the same as between FEdora and Mandriva.)


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