Re: Where are all the updates gone?

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>>>>> "OM" == Olaf Mueller <[email protected]> writes:

OM> It is funny cause there are already new clamav-* (0.90) packages
OM> for fc7 and there is a fc7 htdig version that works better than
OM> the fc6 version.

I can't speak for htdig, but are you actually having some problem with
clamav in FC6?  It's still receiving updates, including patches for
the recent security issue (on February 20).  That doesn't sound as if
it's not receiving updates.

Maintaining packages is not always about shovelling out the bleeding
edge version.  If that's what you really want, you're free to rebuild
the development version.

OM> Ok, I get it. Fedora Core is only a playground, nothing more,
OM> nothing stable, nothing with a long lifespan.

So you're complaining that it's not stable because a maintainer is
actually maintaining an existing version instead of pushing out a new
version?  That's completely contradictory.

 - J<

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