Re: Problems Installing FC5

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> Thanks. I'm going to have to do something like this. I burned two new
> DVDs on another Linux computer and the install always fails at some
> point when installing packages. I had replaced the cdrom/burner/dvd with
> a dvd burner after installing FC4. Now I can't even re-install FC4 - it
> fails in a similar manner as FC5. (The system is unbootable. At this
> point I can't install FC4 or 5. I can run a Suse Live disk I have.) So I
> think the main culprit is the DVD burner. I think I have the following
> options: 1) replace the old cdrom/dvd (non DVD burner) drive, 2) try to
> install over my network (but I've never done this), 3) try to copy the
> iso to the hard drive - but the system is in an unbootable state so I
> don't know if this is now possible - but maybe I could do this using the
> Suse Live disk - I get a network connection, and 4) create bootable CDs
> instead of one DVD and see if the drive still fails.
I replaced the DVD burner with the CD burner/DVD reader and was able to
install the 64-bit FC5 without any problems. In process of trying to
install the 64-bit version, I had at one point inadvertently installed
the 32-bit version. This version installed from the DVD burner. I think
this all indicates that there is some problem with the DVD burner and
the 64-bit install. I think this also explains what happened when I had
some time ago tried to install the 64-bit FC5 on the other almost
identical system (also with a DVD burner).

Is there an easy way to install an iso install file from a working FC5
system? Is it possible to upgrade from one version to another (e.g., FC5
to FC6 when it becomes available) using yum?

Thanks for the help.

Rick B.

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