Re: iso cds downloaded to Windows 98se Desktop; can't understand how to checksum

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Mikkel L. Ellertson schreef:
> Kam Leo wrote:
>> You do not need to put sha1sum.exe into system32.  If you only want to
>> use this program one time you could have saved it to the same folder
>> as the .iso files.  However, since you already have sha1sum.exe in
>> system32 you will not have to worry about adding a search path to
>> invoke the utility.
>> Here are the steps:
>> 1. Click Start -> Run
>> 2. Type cmd in the text box and click OK.
>>    This will open what we old-timers call a DOS box.
>> 3. Click the mouse cursor on the cmd.exe window/DOS box.
>> 4. At the command prompt ">" symbol type:
>>> CD path_to_folder_containing_iso_files.  [Example: CD C:\My Documents]
>>> SHA!SUM name_of_file_to check
>> 5. Repeat "SHA1SUM name_of_file_to_check" as necessary.
>> HTH
> One minor point - when you are working at the command prompt in
> Windows 98, you can not use long file names, so "cd c:\My Documents"
> will not work. I would have to double check, but I believe it would
> be something like "cd c:\my_docu~" instead.

> Mikkel

use cd c:\"My Documents" that should work
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