Re: Problems Installing FC5

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At 1:25 AM -0400 8/26/06, Rick Bilonick wrote:
>...So I
>think the main culprit is the DVD burner. I think I have the following
>options: 1) replace the old cdrom/dvd (non DVD burner) drive, 2) try to
>install over my network (but I've never done this), 3) try to copy the
>iso to the hard drive - but the system is in an unbootable state so I
>don't know if this is now possible - but maybe I could do this using the
>Suse Live disk - I get a network connection, and 4) create bootable CDs
>instead of one DVD and see if the drive still fails.
>Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Use different media, either a different brand or a different type.  If you
are using DVD+Plus media, definitely try DVD-Dash media, as some burning
software doesn't know about DVD+Plus (and apparantly some burners try to
cope with DVD-Dash commands burning DVD+Plus media).

Upgrade your burner's firmware, from the manufacturer's (vendor's) web
site.  Such upgrades will teach the burner about current media
characteristics.  Even a "new" burner should be upgraded, and a "new"
burner can easily be over a year old.

Burn at a lower speed.

The .isos must be on a hard drive somewhere.  Fedora can read them across a
network via NFS or HTTP (if you serve them), or locally from EXT2/3 or from
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