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Les Mikesell wrote:

That's a matter of opinion. It may matter to you why your 3rd party application doesn't run. It matters to me whether it runs or not.
It is not a matter of opinion. You claimed that if Fedora shipped
official Java, then the problems would disappear for third party
applications. It certainly wouldn't and that has been proven by what is
available in Fedora 9 which passes the TCK tests 100%.
OpenJDK is Fedora 9 is officially Java and certified as such. You cannot continue to claim otherwise. If you still run into problems, you should be filing bug reports.
Against what? Applications that specify that they require Sun Java 1.4
or 1.5?
Are you running any recent release of Fedora? What are the specific
issues? Depending on implementation specific quirks would certainly be a
bug. Have you ever filed a single bug report in against Fedora? Your bugs should be filed
depending on whether it is a application issue or a implementation
issue. If applications follow the standard specification, they would be
compatible with all implementation s of Java which follow the
specification whether it is OpenJDK in Fedora 9, Sun Java, IBM Java or
something else.

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