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Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Les Mikesell wrote:
 That's slightly less important in f9 than it used to
be but there are still plenty of things that won't work with openjdk.
True but OpenJDK in Fedora 9 is 100% certified Java

You have argued before that, that the problems are due to the lack of "official java" moniker and that has never really been the case. The problems are either non-standard features used by Java applications or things not covered by the specification.
But that doesn't matter. Things work or not. And without a real Sun
Java which could have been trivial to obtain/install, many things don't
work. And instead of providing the trivial help to install a working
java, someone must have spent an enormous amount of effort providing
something sort-of-like java, ignoring the fact that it won't run
everything that a user will need it to run. I'm sure it was an
interesting project, but releasing it to end users in that state was
just counterproductive regardless of your
business/political/philosophical agenda for doing it. Going forward, now
that Sun has removed any possible objection you could have to shipping
their code, I expect this problem to just go away on its own but
historically it has been a horrible user experience without any real
  Les Mikesell
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