Re: f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

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Timothy Murphy wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
> I must say I share the view that WiFi in Fedora is very badly organized.
> As far as I am concerned the problem is not with drivers,
> but with the basic WiFi setup.
> Unfortunately I don't think NM is the answer.
> It adds another layer on top of everything else,
> and if something is wrong at the bottom
> this just adds to the confusion.
> Also, although this seems to be a minority view,
> I think NM tries to do far too much.
> Basically, I have no problem at all with ethernet, ever,
> and don't really want anything "improving" on my setup.
> And the problems I meet with bluetooth
> are nothing to do with the issues dealt with by NM.
> I find system-config-network, and its GUI counterparts,
> are confusing and badly set out.
> And the wireless tools like iwconfig and iwlist
> are also rather a confusing mess.
> What I would like is a tool that would tell me,
> if I had a problem, exactly what was happening
> at the bottom WiFi layer,
> eg a WiFi message of some kind has been sent out,
> and a response of some kind has been received
> from this or that WiFi device.
> I find it very difficult to determine,
> if I am unable to connect with WiFi,
> whether the problem is with authentication,
> with routing, or just that there is no signal received.
> What I find annoying is when the connection LED on my WiFi device
> flashes, indication that there is some conversation going on,
> but nothing in Fedora tells me what it is -
> or maybe I can deduce something from /var/log/messages .
> Incidentally, I find WiFi under Windows XP
> is also rather confusing, though less so than Fedora.
> One thing I find odd is that even if I am connected
> to an access point, Windows says it cannot find a network.

Ah. So you think that Network Manager is the problem? If I understand it
correctly they, Fedora developers, are working on a replacement for
Network Manager.



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