Re: Fedora and Qwest

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Frank Cox wrote:
> On Thu, 17 May 2007 07:38:22 +0800
> Ed Greshko <Ed.Greshko@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> But, can you get the output of "ipconfig /all" from the windows box?
> I can certainly try.  I suspect that he will call me late tonight for any
> further word and so on, so I will see what I can do at that time.
> This sort of thing is difficult to accomplish by "remote control" over the
> phone.  I'm sure most of us can relate to the problems that can arise.

Yes...  :-(

And when he calls, have him capture the output of the command and email it
to you.  The phrase "lost in translation" has never been so true in these cases.

I've a friend in Shanghai who had a problem with her laptop.  I finally had
to resort to asking her to take some photos of the screen, load them on a
USB disk and go to an Internet Cafe and email them to me.

>>> OK "misty"!  *tee hee*
>> She is a cute cat.  Don't you think?
> My two main computers are "mutt" and "jeff", so what can I say....

You're revealing your age range.  :-)

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