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On 5/16/07, Frank Cox <[email protected]> wrote:
I am setting up a customized application server for a business in the USA and
am at my wits end with Qwest Communications.

My client called them to obtain a static IP address and they gave him the IP
address, subnet and primary and secondary DNS server.  And that's it.  No
gateway address.  (They told him that the gateway is, believe it
or not.)  He told me that they refuse to give him the gateway address unless he
wants a block of IP addresses.  They won't give it out if he just wants one

I said that's ridiculous; a static IP address can't work without specifying a
gateway address.  He gave me his "case number" and all of that rigamarole and I
phoned Quest tech support myself.

Sure enough.  I told the guy who answered the phone what I want and he said
that they won't give out the gateway address unless he gets a block of IP
addresses.  I said that as far am I am aware it is impossible for the customer
to actually use his static IP address without a gateway, but that made no
difference.  No gateway.

Qwest gave him some kind of a magical installation CD that set up his Windows
XP computer to go online.  And it is online, he can plug his Windows computer
into that modem and browse the web and so on with no problem.

Dandy.  We can get the magic numbers off of this Windows machine.

So I told him to run "ipconfig" and tell me what it says.

IP Address is what he was assigned by Qwest, good.
Subnet, good.
Gateway ---- ?!?!?!

Honest to ghawd, that's what it says!  Remember that in my original question I
said that the Qwest tech support guy told me that the gateway address was  He wasn't lying, apparently.

Well, you can't fight city hall so I said fine, let's put those numbers into
the router and see what happens.  But of course the router rejects that gateway
as not on the same network.  No surprise.

I told him to run a "tracert" to see what happens there.  He
doesn't get any IP address reported that's on his network either.

I tried a traceroute to his IP address.  I have double-spaced this because my
mail client wants to mess up the lines otherwise:

 1  ws001.ltsp (  0.608 ms  0.716 ms  0.847 ms

 2 (  9.756 ms  11.684
ms  13.663 ms

3 (  16.003 ms  18.292 ms  20.229 ms

 4 (  23.621 ms  25.065 ms  26.798 ms

 5 (  28.310 ms  29.954 ms  32.393 ms

 6 (  34.396 ms  34.844 ms  37.138 ms

 7 (  39.049 ms  9.933
ms  10.948 ms

8 (  44.678 ms
47.065 ms  48.980 ms
9 (
132.060 ms  132.313 ms  132.519 ms

(  67.141 ms  69.134 ms  71.748 ms

11 (  76.089 ms  77.465 ms
79.184 ms

12 (  81.117 ms
82.842 ms  85.031 ms

13 (  76.695 ms  54.154 ms  56.055

14  * * *

and so on.

Whether he is online or offliine with that Windows machine, the traceroute
stops at as shown.  And his network is not 205.171.139.x!

I have absolutely no idea what's going on here.

Can any of you offer any insight?  The whole thing is an Alice in Wonderland
thing as far as I can see, and the further I go down this rabbit hole the less
sense it seems to make.  I don't see how those settings on his Windows computer
can work, and I don't see how the tracert results that he got can be possible
either.  But it does, and it did.

And, as I said, nobody that we can actually talk to at Qwest can provide any
information at all, other than run the CD and it will all be set up by magic.

MELVILLE THEATRE ~ Melville Sask ~

The information is contained in your client's cable/dsl modem. He
should be able to access it at If he will need the
administrator's password which should be included with the modem
documentation (may be on CDROM).

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