Re: Talking to Logitech on the phone regarding webcam support for linux

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Dotan Cohen wrote:
> On 08/02/07, David Boles <dgboles@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> There have been over one million downloads of Fedora Core 6 and I can
>> only
>> think of maybe four people on this list that have mentioned webcams.
>> Do you suppose that since the driver developers get paid by the hardware
>> makers to write Windows drivers that they do it for that reason? They
>> do it
>> for the money. And since you want free driver support for your free OS
>> there
>> just might be very little incentive to pay to have drivers written for
>> Linux? For no money. I don't know what they are paying but I would think
>> that writing drivers for four people, give or take a few more, would not
>> even be be on the 'list of important things to do'.
>> Think about this that way.
> I'm paying for the hardware. I will pay for hardware that works with
> my operating system. You know what? I'm not proud: I'd pay for Fedora.
> I use Fedora because I find it to be an excellent operating system,
> not because it's free.
> Dotan Cohen

What i was trying to impress on you is that you are ONE person that paid
$30.00+ or - and there are BILLIONS of Windows users that just might pay
#30.00+ or -. So if it was your company trying to sell Webcams and your
company paying for drivers development where would YOU spend the money? On
ONE person who bought ONE Webcam, okay say one hundred people or one
thousand people?, or on the rest of the world that might buy your Webcam.
Not really much of a decision to make here. Is it?

I'm sorry that you are so upset about this. I think I would have spent more
time looking before I bought and then either accepted the results or tried
to fix the problem. Bitching (sorry folks) don't fix nothin'.

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