Re: LaTeX question about nested lists

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Jack Byers     [email protected]
: Dean S.  Messing" <[email protected]>  wrote
: | I'm trying to create a bulleted outline that goes deeper
: | Ithan six levels.  The LeTeX "list" environment only lets
: | Iyou go to six levels.  I've failed to find any LaTeX
: | Ipackages that extend this or define a new environment that
: | is of arbitary depth.
: | Do any of you know of a solution, short of just "hand
: |  indenting" the items?  Note: the items in the list must
: | have "bullets" associated with them that are different
: | Ifor different levels.
: the following works in plain Tex
: it took me a few hours actually, trying to remember some of this stuff
: it takes off from the TexBook definitions of  \item and \itemitem
: page 355

_Very_ kind of you!

: I used to be a lot better at TeX;  this seems to work but is not elegant

I, too, used to do some (basic) Plain TeX (and eTeX) writing in "the
old days".  I resisted LaTeX for a long, long time.

Those days, and that knowledge, are now gone.  The font and graphics
capabilities of LaTeX are simply too good, and there seems to be a
".sty" package for just about everything now (except deeply nested lists :-)

Again thanks for the time you spent on this.


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