Re: Install on 32 meg celeron machine

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Quoting WipeOut <[email protected]>:

> Steve Watford wrote:
> >They are running IE something. They are on SP 6.  Although they are slow and
> the
> > graphics are limited. 800x600 16 color I think. They work.  FC1 refuses to
> try
> >to install, anaconda just exits. RH9 did install, although it won't run X
> >without swapping to disk so much that the HD starts throwing timeout errors.
> >Guess I'm just going to have  upgrade the ram.  Funny that for linux we need
> to
> >upgrade the hardware that WinNT will run on.  Sort of a reversal.  I know
> there
> >are lighter versions of linux out there, but we have settled on RH,Fedora.
> >
> >Thanks
> >
> >  
> >
> Your comparison is a little skewed, you are comparing the latest Linux 
> system with a prehistoric windows version..
> If you want to compare to WinNT you should be trying to install RH5.x. 
> If you are comparing to FC1 then you need to use Windows 2003..
> I don't think Windows 2003 would be too happy on 32MB of RAM either.. ;-)
> Later..

I'm sure it wouldn't either. Like I said the NT install is updated to the
current service pac as is the version of ie installed.  It has just become sort
of a challenge at this point.  I think it can work, if stripped down of a lot of
excess baggage that has come into all distributions, linux or windows. I was
just surpised that a minimal install wasn't possible with fedora. Someone
earlier mentioned the rule-project. It is quite interesting.


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