Re: We need a good and simple hardware database for Free Software users.

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You're right, I have not had time to read about the differences between
free software and open source. When it becomes important to me I will.

I guess I was not clear in my points. I was not complaining. I really
believe in freedom and what you do with your software is your business.

I guess I do not really understand what you mean by free. It sounds to
me more like software socialism ... From my view of history socialism
has been very good for its elete and does not serve the poor common folk
very well (In this case I guess the poor common folk would be the people
who don't have the time and/or resources to learn how to program.) Of
course those socialist really didn't know how to do it right.

I really don't have a beef with open source of free software. I just
don't like the attitude.

Go ahead flame me, I don't care. To me it's not about nVidia or ATI or
any other company. I enjoy learning and sharing what I know with other
people. If someone wants to know how to use a proprietary driver under
Linux and I know how I'll share with them. I figure they are an adult
(so to speak) and they will have to suffer the consequences of their
actions. Besides, I want Linux to be successful because I am tired of
Windows and after having worked with Microsoft for quite a few years I
can't stand them. Unfortunately, Linux is not yet at a point where I can
totally bag Windows (don't even lecture me on this statement because
it's my opinion for my circumstance) It is getting a lot closer and I am
almost ready to switch over 100% of the time.

I'll go crawl back in my hole now and write some more evil proprietary
software so that I can earn enough money to take over the world. You
will be even more shocked to know that the software runs on a
proprietary hardware platform too :-o

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