Re: Please Add Nvidia install info to FAQ [WAS Re: FC1 & NVIDIAaccelerated drivers.]

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Alexander Dalloz  said:
> Am Do, den 04.12.2003 schrieb Edward Muller um 19:31:
>> This comes up every day (once or twice). If there is a Fedora Core 1
>> FAQ, this should be added.
>> P.S. If there is a Fedora Core 1 FAQ I didn't easily see it at
> Yes, an official FAQ page on would be a nice thing I
> feel. Maybe just because users on this list don't care for the list
> archive to search for answers but feel free to ask questions and report
> problems which comes up at least twice a week. ;)
> Alexander

If someone doesn't bother to even look at the archives and see a problem
that comes up twice a week, what makes you think they will read a FAQ?

For that matter, I don't think it is a Fedora issue, it is a NVidia issue,
so it belongs in their FAQ.  NVidia's closed source drivers don't come
with Fedora, so why should Fedora have to support them?

William Hooper

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