Hardware Notes, Open Source, NVidia and Vendors

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On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 13:14, William Hooper wrote:
> Alexander Dalloz  said:
> > Am Do, den 04.12.2003 schrieb Edward Muller um 19:31:
> >> This comes up every day (once or twice). If there is a Fedora Core 1
> >> FAQ, this should be added.
> >>
> >> P.S. If there is a Fedora Core 1 FAQ I didn't easily see it at
> >> fedora.redhat.com
> >
> > Yes, an official FAQ page on fedora.redhat.com would be a nice thing I
> > feel. Maybe just because users on this list don't care for the list
> > archive to search for answers but feel free to ask questions and report
> > problems which comes up at least twice a week. ;)
> >
> > Alexander

An archive of hardware specific notes in general would be welcome in my
case. What hardware works with Fedora (tested, user contributed
steps,etc) as well as some way to store package by package configuration
notes. People want sendmail help... the Fedora sendmail faq has the
basics plus links to the home site? Just ideas here.

> If someone doesn't bother to even look at the archives and see a problem
> that comes up twice a week, what makes you think they will read a FAQ?

Well, when everyone posts them the same "RTFF" with a link *grin*

> For that matter, I don't think it is a Fedora issue, it is a NVidia issue,
> so it belongs in their FAQ.  NVidia's closed source drivers don't come
> with Fedora, so why should Fedora have to support them?

In some ways, its both. Hardware is useless without software and vice
versa. Beyond the obvious, even if it is closed source, NVidia is a
hardware vendor making an effort to support the platform... unlike MANY.

Sure, a better solution would be to publish open APIs and open source
drivers, but they aren't doing that... yet? At least I can have a decent
card with decent graphics... and if I don't like the licensing, I can
run the supplied driver that comes with XFree. If I want to use the rest
of the features of the card I bought, at least the manufacturer is
supplying *something*...

Sure this issue can go back and forth both ways forever. No reason for
that to keep someone from adding the excellent notes I have seen in the

After years of junking "windows only" HARDware just because of the
stupid proprietary driver problems and because the damned vendors can't
even SPELL UNIX or Linux (only SCO for some weird reasons), I for one
and happy to see the community AND vendors start offering the choice.

I look at it this way... the more "Linux aware" manufacturers there are,
the more choices for people to get away from Windows. At least they CAN
get a driver from NVidia... thats one less excuse to "stay with Windows"

Your point about NVidia users getting support FROM NVidia on this is a
good one, and in the long term and as Fedora + NVidia users, we should
politely (and repeatedly if need be) ask NVidia to go the rest of the
way and open the source for Linux users and/or contribute it to XFree.

Getting people used to doing that is hard after years of Bill's
brainwashing... in the mean time, they have problems to solve and are
asking for help... lend it, and then help them learn how to make it
better for everyone.

I have written many emails to support addresses and called vendors tech
support to just ask "is there support for Linux" just so the calls get
logged and the numbers come up for those who make the decisions about
product futures. I hope it helps, and I could use the help doing it.

Want to see something funny... go into a store like Best Buy and stand
around the software section looking confused... eventually someone will
come ask if you need help. Start asking for the Linux section. Other
people around will gravitate to you... it almost never fails... and once
the puzzled sales person runs off to the tech desk to ask, you might
start to get inundated with questions about Linux from poor Windows
people who just want something that works :)

And on that note:
Thanks to everyone who makes Linux/RedHat/Fedora possible!
The hard work done to give me the freedom to escape from the bondage of
Windows *is* appreciated. Now... back to FrozenBubble and NeverWinter
Nights :)

Exile In Paradise, Linux User #258896, RHCE #809003961007973
The church is near but the road is icy; the bar is far away but I will
walk carefully. -- Russian Proverb

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