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On Fri, 2003-12-05 at 03:04, Exile In Paradise wrote:
> > For that matter, I don't think it is a Fedora issue, it is a NVidia issue,
> > so it belongs in their FAQ.  NVidia's closed source drivers don't come
> > with Fedora, so why should Fedora have to support them?
> In some ways, its both. Hardware is useless without software and vice
> versa. Beyond the obvious, even if it is closed source, NVidia is a
> hardware vendor making an effort to support the platform... unlike MANY.

Please notice that what NVidia is doing can't be considered support.

In exchange for fast 3D graphics and "NO WARRANTIES" you may as well
loose any hope of support on Linux when it oopses for some reason, since
Linux developers usually ask for the result of lsmod and "send you away"
when they that instead of:

Module                  Size  Used by    Not tainted

There's the information that Linux is tainted:

Module                  Size  Used by    Tainted: P

As you will notice if you do lsmod yourself.

> Sure, a better solution would be to publish open APIs and open source
> drivers, but they aren't doing that... yet? At least I can have a decent
> card with decent graphics... and if I don't like the licensing, I can
> run the supplied driver that comes with XFree. If I want to use the rest
> of the features of the card I bought, at least the manufacturer is
> supplying *something*...

I had a GeForce 2MX, not being able to code drivers, I gave up waiting
for NVidia to do the right thing. NVidia is on this track for a long
time already. ATI is little better, but you can still get cards with
_real_ 3D _support_ ie, the drivers that come on XFree86.

> Your point about NVidia users getting support FROM NVidia on this is a
> good one, and in the long term and as Fedora + NVidia users, we should
> politely (and repeatedly if need be) ask NVidia to go the rest of the
> way and open the source for Linux users and/or contribute it to XFree.

Keep dreaming if you want, but this is happening ever since the long
past original GeForce, and the answers go from "no" to "< /dev/null"

When I changed my GeForce 2MX card for an ATI 7500 I wrote NVidia saying
how unsatisfied I was, and why I changed. Fortunately, then, I could
afford it.

> And on that note:
> Thanks to everyone who makes Linux/RedHat/Fedora possible!
> The hard work done to give me the freedom to escape from the bondage of
> Windows *is* appreciated. Now... back to FrozenBubble and NeverWinter
> Nights :)

So, changing the bondage of Windows for NVidia's and NeverWinterNights?

Not very coherent, are we? Notice that I'm not bashing any particular
vendor, ATI's recent cards are just as bad!


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