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 I'm curious how many current KDE users we have - what percent of our
install base? And what percent of the desktop install base ?

 Since the 3.5 -> 4.0 KDE pushathon, everyone I know who was a KDE user
(myself included, and Linus too!) switched to gnome and none has yet
gone back.

 At least a part of the fuss about updates seems to be driven by KDE
wanting to be faster paced than the rest - I'm curious what percent of
our install base this actually represents today?

  For me there were only 2 things disruptive I presently recall - the
last was F11 kmail no longer working after recent update - and the
devastatingly bad 3.5 -> 4.0 premature release.

  I actually like the current general pace - its stable but we get
decent flow (tho it has slowed somewhat over the 12-18 months or so it
seems) of upstream updates/bug fixes and largely when appropriate larger
version bumps. Tho things like firefox lag too much imho - but I no
longer care as I now use chrome which is way way better.

   Sure there are little hiccups here and there but overall things are
non-disruptive and decently up to date - and that is the right balance.

  Congrats fedora management, redhat and contributors - and thank you.

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