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On 03/13/2010 10:34 AM, Mail Lists wrote:
>   I'm curious how many current KDE users we have - what percent of our
> install base? And what percent of the desktop install base ?
>   Since the 3.5 ->  4.0 KDE pushathon, everyone I know who was a KDE user
> (myself included, and Linus too!) switched to gnome and none has yet
> gone back.
>   At least a part of the fuss about updates seems to be driven by KDE
> wanting to be faster paced than the rest - I'm curious what percent of
> our install base this actually represents today?
>    For me there were only 2 things disruptive I presently recall - the
> last was F11 kmail no longer working after recent update - and the
> devastatingly bad 3.5 ->  4.0 premature release.
>    I actually like the current general pace - its stable but we get
> decent flow (tho it has slowed somewhat over the 12-18 months or so it
> seems) of upstream updates/bug fixes and largely when appropriate larger
> version bumps. Tho things like firefox lag too much imho - but I no
> longer care as I now use chrome which is way way better.
>     Sure there are little hiccups here and there but overall things are
> non-disruptive and decently up to date - and that is the right balance.
>    Congrats fedora management, redhat and contributors - and thank you.

KDE is alive and well. I used Gnome for a long time, and then gave KDE a 
try, just on a hunch, in the process of upgrading (actually, a clean 
install) from FC6 to F12, on a piece of almost brand-new equipment.

I would guess that KDE puts more demands on system resources than does 
Gnome, in order to provide all the graphical bells and whistles that 
Windows provides. I'm running it on an Intel Pentium dual-core 
processor, with a 2.2 GHz clock, and 3 MB of RAM. That kind of setup 
would run just about any desktop without a hitch.

But in my particular case, it's worth it. I'm using an old 
password-management program that hasn't seen any maintenance since the 
FC4 era. It loads into the K tray without a problem. On Gnome it 
sometimes doesn't load properly into the system tray until the second 
login since power-up, and that can be really annoying. (Though whether 
my old hardware--a Pentium III 1.6-GHz single-core processor with only 
500 MB of RAM--was creating a bottleneck, I'll never know.) That's only 
one illustration. Where I sit, KDE suits me.

Then again, I'm not using KDE 4.0. I'm using 4.3, AFAIK. Maybe now 
they've killed the bugs.


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