Re: Mock/Pungi and selinux for building re-spins in f11

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Daniel J Walsh wrote:
>>> Could someone send me a list of AVC's.  Is this the same problem that
>>> livecd has?  Building a different OS, causes it's policy to be loaded
>>> during the install.  We should be able to convince the Mock environment
>>> that SELinux is disabled, and then allow mock the ability to put down
>>> the
>>> labels like we do with livecd.
>> Dan, I'll try and do a test build in the next couple of days, and post
>> AVCs
>> if they pop up - would it be best to do this in a BZ report, rather than
>> to
>> Fedora list? If so which component? selinux or mock/pungi?
> Open up one bug on mock/pungi with me cc'd and we can fix it.  Since I
> think most of the changes have to be made in Mock to fake SELinux into
> thinking it is disabled or a fake /selinux like livecd has.

I set up mock/pungi and ran a test build to create an install i386 iso with
a slightly modified kickstart file - I had to restart it when it initially
failed (not selinux related at all) but then it executed without any
apparent errors, and produced the iso files and no AVC popped up at all!
This is on a machine with selinux set to enforcing ...

So now I am left wondering if there is no problem at all with the iso - or
whether it would give selinux related problems if it was used for an install
on a real machine!    Certainly there is no basis on which to put in a
Bugzilla report...

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