Re: F8(1) vs multimedia production(0)

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On Thursday 14 August 2008, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>Antonio Olivares wrote:
>> Here like I have mentioned in the same thread.  A Fedora spin without (all
>> the free stuff(non patent encumbered ) that is provided by default)
>would make sense and would free Fedora/Red Hat from litigation and would
>make it easier to include the stuff that will make media players play
>everything under the sun and will not get in the way when buiding these
>It won't make sense for Fedora to not include support for the non-patent
>encumbered codecs since one of the primary objectives of Fedora is to
>enable and support free and open source software. Besides multimedia
>frameworks like gstreamer is a dependency of many many apps and
>excluding them all is not feasible. Normally users who want additional
>components would just grab those from a third party repo. If you are
>compiling from source, that's a smaller nice of users and you are very
>well equipped to remove whatever you don't want. Again, if you disagree
>and think your goal will help end users, feel free to build a Fedora
>spin exactly the way you want. The tools that we used to build Fedora
>are all available as part of Fedora.
>> It is not a bad thing Rahul. I have mplayer and gecko-media player built
>> from source and I am doing fine.  I am not complaining.
>It would make sense to not have to ship crippled players *unless the
>users want those only**
>Gstreamer has a plugin model and we don't include some of the plugins.
>This process doesn't require actively crippling anything.

Then why, after installing about 10 or 12 packages all purported to be 
gstreamer related, can I not make it run & do something?  I doesn't even show 
up in the kde menu's.

Seems like a good question to me anyway.  Based on the hoopla here over the 
last 2 days, I've installed all the pulseaudio stuffs yum can find, and all 
the gstreamer stuffs that yum can find.

The end result for pulseaudio has already been posted in this thread, and 
absolutely zip of gstreamer or gst as it seems to be called in some corners 
of the ring, and nothing of those packages can be executed.  Do they 
conflict?  If so, why is there absolutely zip about either in the logs?

Cheers, Gene
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