Re: F8 update kills KDE

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max bianco wrote:
2008/4/20 David Boles <[email protected]>:
Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

On Sat, 2008-04-19 at 20:23 -0700, Antonio Olivares wrote:

I don't know if it's actually *possible* to install Fedora without
Gnome, but I take your point.

 You can install Fedora and chose to not install the GNOME desktop. Since
GNOME is the default you have to actively chose *not* to install it. You
have to uncheck the box.

Fair enough. My original post was in answer to a question about whether
KDE was a "second-class citizen" in Fedora, which is why I didn't
mention other desktops, but of course the same comments apply to them as

 Fedora has a very active team that works on KDE. Calling KDE "a
"second-class citizen" in Fedora" would hurt their feeling I would think.

I wasn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings. Hopefully they've got
thicker skin than that, I made an observation based on my experience.
I felt then and now that the default KDE desktop looked and felt like
a GNOME knock-off. It has also been my experience that most do assume
that you have GNOME installed. I'll happily try KDE again when F9 hits
final release, I hope to be proven wrong, I don't expect it will all
work flawlessly, it is as many have said a major revision, but  KDE
needs its own personality, I didn't feel that KDE distinguished itself
from GNOME very well when i first tried it on Fedora 7. If i'm in the
minority with that opinion, so be it. I appreciate all the hard work
that goes into Fedora, hopefully nobody takes my comments to
personally. No one is obliged to prove anything to anyone. I still
think Fedora blows the doors off all the other Linux distributions,
I've tried most of them.

Hi Max. You did see the smiley didn't you?

And I agree with your observation that Fedora is best. And I also think that the 'KDE team(?)' is doing one heck of a job. What the heck *ALL* of the Fedora people are doing a good job.
The upcoming Fedora 9 is fantastic.

I have yet to figure out just where the name 'Sulfur' came from but I like it. I like it one heck of a lot more than 'Gutsy Gibbon' or 'Harry Heron' ;-) or the other strange names that 'other' distribution names their releases.


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