Re: What's all the hype over Ubuntu?

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On Fri, 2008-03-28 at 09:12 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> Da Rock wrote:
> >> If the answers to the problems are found on ubuntu web pages doesn't that 
> >> mean the problems also exist in ubuntu?  If ubuntu handled the problem 
> >> directly then there would be no point in asking how to do it...  :-)
> >>
> >> Do the results/resolution to the problem translate to other distros or are 
> >> they specific to ubuntu?
> > 
> > Actually 90% of the time they do correlate. If Ubuntu does nothing else,
> > it does help newbies work out linux- even on other distros. If the user
> > gets stuck trying to work out how to sort it on their own distro they
> > can can get (although usually curt, hence why they would ask Ubuntu) a
> > response from the distro's team of players.
> With all of the above being the case then I venture to say that the appeal 
> of ubuntu is not based on its technical merits.  I do know that if I were 
> going to start playing tennis again (or even when I was young enough to 
> start tennis for the first time) I would feel intimidated joining a group 
> that included Rodger Sampras.  I get the feeling that has much to do with 
> ubuntu's popularity.  Also, in general, given no clear reason people will 
> stick with what they know and once they know a distro they will stick with it.

True, but better Ubuntu than insufferable M$ crap. Besides, they may
tire and want something better once they see what is possible.

> > 
> >> FWIW, I have ubuntu installed on a VM and do play with it from time to time. 
> >>   Probably need more time to learn its quarks.  But the one thing I noticed 
> >> is that the folks on their mailing lists, IMHO, tend to be greener than 
> >> average and the amount of bad advice or misinformation is greater than other 
> >> lists that have insufferable geeks.  :-)
> > 
> > This is true as well, but the Ubuntu lists appear to have real techs
> > roving the lists to fix issues.
> I think you will find that true of all the lists of the major distros.

True again, but the point was made that less "usable" information was
made by less experienced users on Ubuntu lists. Most of these are caught
by the techs and corrected. I will point out, though, that the same can
happen on any list- although it is less likely. I have been known to be
wrong at times even.

> > Love it or hate it, Ubuntu does appear to be here to stay, and it does
> > appear to be doing some good in the war against M$ as many (even
> > hardcore) M$ users will at least try it out for usability. My personal
> > opinion is to put complete newbies on it so they're not thrown in the
> > deep end- at least they have floaties! ;) Once they've gained their feet
> > then put them on something more reliable and stable. I find Ubuntu is
> > not as stable or functional as other linux distros, but easier to use.
> > It is of course far more stable than Windows at least- and
> > tougher/solid- while offering pretty much the same functionality they're
> > used to.
> Linux is like religion.  There is room in this world for all.  Except, of 
> course, those that feel it is their mission to stamp out all others.  :-)

Yes, I agree with that. Actually that goes for all open source, but my
general feeling is that M$ is more addiction than religion (And no, I
don't want a philosophical debate here- this is just my opinion. You may
consider it and take it onboard or not, I don't mind either way). People
just won't let it go ("its not really a problem") and they suffer
withdrawal if they don't have it- sound like addiction to you? Sounds
silly, yes, but very true when you consider it.

> > Ok I'm done. Hope I don't start something with this- I tend to agree
> > with the sentiment that this could get ugly here.
> If not ugly, at least OT when it comes to talking about fedora issues.

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