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Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

Unless I'm completely misunderstanding your situation, there's no need
to do that. You can just drag a single song (or album, or selected group
etc.) to the ipod. Then hit the "Save Changes" button and you're set.

In fact this is the standard way of uploading to the ipod from gtkpod.
There is no function equivalent to "synchronize my ipod with my
computer", which is why it took me a while to understand it. The various
places in the interface that mention "synchronize" are talking about
synchronizing the internal gtkpod database with the various data
sources, such as your music folders on the computer. Totally non-obvious
IMHO but it works once you get used to it.


Ok, thanks for the tip, I will try that when next I get my hands on an iPod. I believe there is a fourth one with bad display or something that I may be able to locate when the kids come in from school this afternoon. I should be able to mess with that without worry!
Bear in mind that I have never used one of the devices and am not
familiar with their operation, they are mainly an annoyance since it's
hard to communicate with a kid with those things in his ears. It's
mainly an interesting thing to examine and experiment with ... And I
would like to demonstrate that I can manipulate it without Windows!

The next logical step would be to transfer the iPod files from my Linux
computers to their XP box. Yet another project appears ...

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