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First off let me say that I love Fedora and
pulseaudio. I think you guys are wonderful to devote
your time and energy to such a worthy cause as this.

However, I have had a couple of problems related to
pulse audio and thought I would share my recent
experience in case someone might could benefit from
it. I have Fedora 8 loaded on my home computer with a
Sound Blaster Audiology installed. I've been
successfully using pulse audio, it's wonderful for
allowing multiple apps to share the sound device. I
generally watch TV and play games or etc. BTW also
have a Hauppauge pvr 350. Anyways, I noticed a problem
one day in the recent past when I shut down my
computer while having left the pulse audio volume
control open. Kde did of course save my state and
tried to load up the pulseaudio volume control the
next time I started my computer. This caused an arts
error message stating that it could not connect to the
sound server, connection refused. I investigated
further, and found this error message in

pulseaudio[2713]: pid.c: Daemon already running.
pulseaudio[2713]: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.

I tried shutting down the pulseaudio volume control
and restarting the computer again, this didn't fix the
problem. I decided to look for this offending pid file
which I found @ /tmp/pulse-$USER/pid . I got rid of
the file and rebooted, problem solved. 

The other issue I've had involves latency with some
games, I have been researching pulseaudio a bit and
find it can be configured many different ways. Any
suggestions on improving latency issues? Thanks in advance.

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