FC8 working config for postfix client with auth/TLS, anyone?

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I have to configure the postfix server (version postfix-2.4.5-2.fc8,
64 bit) on my home FC8 computer to relay as an SMTP client, all the
email received by local mail clients to a remote postfix server. The
relay part works perfectly.

Now I need to configure the home postfix to relay only using SMTP AUTH
on a TLS or SSL encrypted connection. I have already tried to do
anything described in the postfix documentation and I have also
already asked for support on the postfix mailing list, without
success: for some reason, no authentication is attempted. It may be
the remote server, of course, but some symptoms made me suspect the
problem is at least partly local.

In order to know for good if the problem is in my home computer, I
would really appreciate to receive, either or list or privately,
*working* configuration files for postfix clients with smtp_auth/tls
on Fedora 8, that is for the exact same postfix version I am running.

Minus passwords and other sensible parameters, of course :-) Also, are
there other non-postfix things you have had to configure to make this
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