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Tried to install the f7 version of roadnav-0.19 here, but it apparently was 
compiled with too small a memory footprint as it goes away about 10 minutes 
after it locks up when you click on Download Tigerline maps.

So I thought I'd build the tarball and went after it and its library.  
Figuring the library was first, I did the ./configure thing and it bails out, 
no wxWidgits installed.  That might be ok except there ain't no such beast.
I did find a wxGTK on srcforge that is not available via yumex, which I 
believe fixed these deps the last time, but if that's the case, why did the 
roadnav rpm install without running into that set of deps that should have 
stopped it dead?

So that's question 1.

Question 2 and 3 is what is it really telling me I need when it complains 
about a missing wxWidgits?  For linux, is that wxGTK?  If so, is there an F8 


Cheers, Gene
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