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Les Mikesell wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
> I'm not interested in any of the distro programs - I want OpenNMS and
> Alfresco to work.
> And you didn't answer my question either.  Does the thing fedora
> executes under the name "java" pass the compatibility tests?

It does for me and everything that Fedora provides to me. *If* I go
outside Fedora applications I would not necessarily expect them to work.
Actually I would be pleasantly surprise if they did work.

But I would also be smart enough to figure out why there was a problem,
what it is, and fix it. How about you? Can you uninstall IcedTea and
install Sun's Java? I can.

And I don't do this computer stuff for my living. Linux is a hobby for
me. I get paid to supervise building construction. And when I do 'work
stuff' it is in Windows XP Pro. And I know how to deal with that too.

Am I a hero? of course not. I deal with situations and find solutions.
And I never complain. Well seldom omplain. Only if the beer is warm and
the meal is cold.  ;-)
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