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Les Mikesell wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
>>> Real _what_?  If you execute java in fedora, you'll get something that
>>> is not java and won't successfully execute many java programs.
>> So use something else. You do know how to add and remove rpm packages
>> right?  ;-)
>> Ah come on Les. You know why they don't include Sun's Java. For pretty
>> much the same reason they don't include your beloved codecs. Non FOSS.
> Errr, no, this time is it because they want you to buy RHEL with support
> and access to:  But
> you can pretend that it would be illegal to even supply symlinks from
> the baroque locations that java is expected to live on RH/fedora to the
> place that the official distribution puts it if it makes you happy.
>> And what specific Fedora provided java application does not work?
> Java works or it doesn't.  It doesn't care about a subset of packages.
>> And I will say this. The Icedtea has improved a lot. But as long as
>> people *immediately* bailout things are not going to improve. Did you
>> report (bugzilla) this tragic event you had? If you did not just how do
>> you expect anyone to fix it?
> I thought there was a compatibility test.  Does everything being
> distributed and executed with the java name pass?

You did not answer the main question. What Java package provide by
Fedora does not work with the Java provide by Fedora?

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