Re: how to jigdo download a fedora 8 re-spin in one easy step?

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Karl Larsen wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>>    I and rday are going to write a help file using this jigdo method to
>>>> make your own respin of any Fedora version. But I have problems.
>>>>    Rday says you need to mount the F8 DVD on /mnt/. On my computer it
>>>> automatically mounts on /media/. I fix that in a root terminal by
>>>> #umount name-of-DVD and it works fine.
>>>>    My problem is I can't find the proper things to mount the DVD to
>>>> /mnt/. I thought I could find the right things in /etc/fstab but they
>>>> are not listed there any more :-)
>>>>    Does anyone know how to do the mount function on a DVD?
> Karl,
> this should help you with your project.
> Using Jigdo to Download Re-Spin ISOs

>    Sorry it does not help. Jigsaw seems to want a url and when I give it
> a /media/name/packages/ it says Not a proper URL. Perhaps I need to add
> some "" but really I need a way to mount the DVD.

> Karl

If you are looking at what I *think* that you are looking at here the
URL is:

As for the dvd - does it not mount when you put it in the drive? If not
mount it yourself. The answer to one of the other questions asked is the
path to the dvd.
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